so the review has come and gone. i’m not too thrilled with the outcome. though sister #4 pointed out that i got a 8-9% raise. to me it means instead of making 17K less than my coworker, i make 14K less. so yeah, not too happy.

i’m not sure what to do yet. the review portion went super well. bossman told me how wonderful and brilliant i am and what not– and that’s all nice to hear. but when it comes time to put the money where his mouth is, he didn’t come through.

bossman told me my compensation right up front and so i sorta tuned out for most of the hour-long review. it took me that long to screw up my courage. it took everything i had not to cry. but finally i just said, “you know, that’s all fine and good. but i can start a new job making more than what i’m making now. i’ve done some research on current market values and i’m being sorely underpaid.”

he was totally and completely shocked. i went on to tell him how my job has changed significantly since i started this position and i don’t believe the compensation justifies such a change.

he said we’d take a look at my job description and see what might change. but i’m really not counting on anything changing. except perhaps my place of employment. anyone know of anyone hiring any writers?

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  1. Uncouth Heathen 21.May.02 at 8:24 pm

    Jodi, that is too bad. Good for you speaking up like that, though! Most people would just smile politely and never say a word, then curse under their breath every payday.

    You should check periodically…especially if you’re experienced at “planning nad critique meetings”. 🙂

  2. Will Tupper 21.May.02 at 9:26 pm

    To take the Uncouth Heathen’s idea and run with it (and because I just haven’t posted in your comments section in too, too long), have you looked at It’s the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies site, and I know from reading for WAY too long (Funny: I can remember intimate details about a total stranger’s life, but I can’t find my car keys!)

    Anyway, you and I have similiar music tastes, and in my mind’s eye I imagine you writing a regular column for some hipster newspaper. Talking trash and dishing dirt about all your favorite authors, musicians and artists.

    But that’s just me. And really, I know nothing. But you’re still so cool! Fondest to you, and never be afraid to make a life change. 🙂

  3. nicole 21.May.02 at 10:16 pm

    I’ve had a review that didn’t accurately reflect my performance. It sucks. The sad part is that we’re all just a number. =(

  4. james 22.May.02 at 9:46 am

    Jodi, the secret rule of getting a raise of any real substance is to change employers. Most businesses think that if they paid you $X last year, you’ll be happy getting $X + anything, even though your skills may warrent you getting as much as $X x 1.5. New employers will pay you more because A)it’s what the market say’s you’re worth B)new firms who need to fill a position will pay any amount to fill it with someone competant (it’s cheaper than not filling it). Old firms won’t give you a big raise because they know you’re scared to leave, that the cost is too great (emotionally) for you to try and change, and that since you didn’t do twice as much work, you’re not worth *that* much more.

    Only enlightened firms (they are few and far between, but do exist) understand that it is cheaper to pay existing, competant people mor emoney because the (moneytary) cost of finding and training someone new is SO MUCH MORE. Given the amount of turnover and change your office has seen in the last 12 months, is your employer all that stable (not money-wise, but emotional-wise)?

    My wife is going through similar things and my advice is always this: it’s not personal, it’s business. Go read “Seven habits of highly effective people” (yes, it’s a little… much sometimes, but otherwise an amazing book), “Tao of Pooh” or “Te of Piglet” (Piglet might be better), and “Live rich” or “Die broke” (both good). Then, try to figure out what you want, and how you would get it.

    (Damn, this is easily my longest post)

  5. jodi 22.May.02 at 10:13 pm

    well, here’s the game plan that i’ve hatched. i’m not sure if it’s the smartest course of action, but it makes a lot of sense to me. besides keeping my ear to the ground, in seeing what’s out there in the marketplace.

    i e-mailed HR today and got my current job description, sadly it seems to be exactly what i am doing. so e-mailed HR back and asked if they could tell me the difference between my job description (content specialist) and the coworker’s job description (communications specialist).

    because when the coworker had her review they said she was making current market value. . . which is over 10K more than i make.

    anyway my plan is to keep track of what i do for the next month, and then see how it overlaps into the other job description and after a month go speak to bossman and ask him waht the dealio is.

    sound like a good plan?


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