casting call

yes, i’m still reading “The Savage Girl” which, after like 130 pages has decided to pick up the pace and lay off all the postirony, paradessence bullshit and give the characters some character.

sorta refreshing.

anyway, i’m plodding along in this book i refuse to stop reading when like a bolt of lightning i decided should it ever be made into a movie the ivy van urden, the schziophrenic, model sister character really needs to be played by bjork. she’d be perfect for the part.

i do this a lot, cast the books that i read. maybe i should have been a casting director. in high school i wrote a paper on how i would cast voltaire’s candide with tom hanks in the title roll, meg ryan as cunegonde (which i’m sure i didn’t spell right, you gotta gimme a break this was some 12-13 years ago when i read this book) and robin william as pangloss.

all these actors are getting a little long in the tooth to play these rolls, but had they made this movie circa 1990, it would have been a hit.

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  1. twitch 08.Apr.02 at 11:41 pm

    stumbled on your log and your site. So you’re the one with Bring your own lampshade, somewhere there’s a wedding. Haha. I can commiserate with the commencement of the weddings – just found out myself that a cherished ex is now hitched, and that another is in the works. Doh! It’s like that billy bragg song “mother of the bride”.


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