grocery pleasantries

it has been determined that grocery shopping isn’t nearly as heinous when you have someone to share the abhorrent chose with.

today sister #4 (who is still sans car since the run-in with the tree and i ventured out to Cub Foods in Shakopee to forage for food.

i should have known the experience was gonna be good when we got a mint parking spot and found a dime on our way into the store. really, those are good tidings for a grocery venture.

it’s sorta weird grocery shopping with someone. sister #4 was amazed that i actually buy vegetables. she’s quite proud that most everything she bought came in a box. she’s also amazed that i’m still not eating red meat– it’s been 7 months. she was, however grossed out that i not only eat, but enjoy turkey burgers.

she nearly had a heartattack in the peanut butter aisle.

“you’ve gone Jif!!” she shouted as i bent over to grab a jar of peanut butter from the bottom shelf.

“No,” i said showing her the jar of creamy skippy i’d procured.

“i was worried. you’ve stopped eating red meat, you drink skim milk, you buy fresh vegetables, it’s just so weird.”

“i couldn’t ever go Jif, it’d be like betraying our family heritage.”

“i know,” she said, “and besides i don’t think making a J in the top of the peanut butter is quite as fun as making the S in the top of the skippy.”

“exactly. we have to keep the family traditions alive.”

and the very best, best, best, best thing of all. . . this is really good. . . they have fiesta mini-corndogs made with chicken at Cub. i nearly wept with joy right there in the freezer aisle.

if only grocery shopping could always be this wonderful.

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