apparently i am feeling better, both physically and mentally. i dunno why, it just happened.

it dawned on me as i was watching dawson’s creek. i really am hopelessy, totally, completely enthralled by that silly show. maybe it’s part of me trying to recapture some sort of high school thing that i missed. i never got into 90210 and i feel like i missed something. so now as my 20s come to a close, i decide to get hooked on a lame teenybopper show and i couldn’t love it more.

as jen and dawson started going at it i actually said aloud, “oh-hohohohohoh.” i was giddy and breathless with the plot twists to come. i probably need help. of course, i watched felicity too. mostly because it’s on right after dawson’s and i don’t have a remote control. i can’t stand felicity at all and the only thing that keeps me watching is the beautiful visage that is noel. mmmmmm.

in other news work sucked ass and amazingly enough i am not so bitter and disappointed. i’ve been slaving away busting ass on a project that was set to head to the web team tomorrow. but alas, it is no more. the contract didn’t get signed and the deal fell through. all my hard work was for nothing and remarkably, i am not too upset. such is life, i suppose.

now, i am off to bittersweetheart.com to spooj about this book i have fallen in love with.

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  1. Tyson 28.Nov.01 at 10:55 pm

    I can’t believe you like Noel more than Ben. You clearly have no taste at all and can’t be trusted.

  2. jodi 28.Nov.01 at 11:03 pm

    ben stinks and he can’t act. noel is wonderful and beautiful and stands for all that is good and decent in the world.

  3. heather 29.Nov.01 at 11:17 am

    geez… that’s twice i’ve had dawson’s episodes mucked up by reading here! i’m just not going to read any of your thursday posts anymore for fear of dawson spoilers…

    but i still love you!

  4. tyson 29.Nov.01 at 3:06 pm

    oh say that’s why noel slept with felicity while she was dating ben. because he’s so decent. I see.

  5. laural 29.Nov.01 at 8:19 pm

    Man, first you watch Dawson’s Creek, then you misspell “spooge.” I’m losing all respect…