live from parentland

this is jodi chromey reporting live from parentland. it seems the cold has still has the young ms. chromey in its clutches. no amount of chicken soup, echinacea tea or orange juice has loosened its grip.

but ms. chromey is a trooper, her spirits have been kept high by a surprise vist from her most favorite boy on the planet, max.

earlier this afternoon he stormed into parentland screeching, “grody jodi, grody jodi, i am gonna find you.” of course the search did not last long as ms. chromey was sitting on the couch in the green room.

“grody jodi,” max said, “i found you and scared you. you were scared, rawr!”

then a lively discussion of the latest episode of the teletubbies ensued.

“throw the ball like tinkywinky, jodi.”

“uh, ok.”

“yeah then tinkywinky threw the ball and went pbbbt, pbbbttt and then he danced like this. . . ”

at this point ms. chromey was so befuddled by the goings on in teletubby land that she just laughed hoping young max would still think her the coolest woman on the planet.

yeah, so that’s the latest action coming at you darling ones live from parentland in shakopee, minnesota. we now turn you back to your regularly scheduled program.

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