yeah, i ain’t buying it

so i’m reading Stick Figure: A Diary of My Former Self and i am totally not buying it. see, it’s supposed to be taken from diaries that ms. gottlieb wrote when she was 11 and really, c’mon. i don’t doubt that she was a smart 11 year old or that she had an eating disorder at such an early age. i doubt that she was such a deep and thoughtful writer at such an early age. and what pisses me off is that i would totally buy the premise of this book if it was fiction, but it’s not. it’s presented as non-fiction and i am finding it to be a bunch of malarky. i don’t care how smart an 11 year old might be, they just aren’t that deep. i am sorry, but no 11 year old would be so fascinated with the washington monument and relate it to their desire to be tall and thin. it’s really just lame. all the symbolism is just too much and i’d really, really like to meet an 11 year old who was so good with such things.

but, as with most books that inspire me to hate them passionately, i cannot put it down. i will finish it and probably go on hating it. i just can’t buy this premise. it’d been much better as fiction.

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  1. Tara 30.Oct.01 at 3:55 am

    I totally agree with you! I’ve never come across an 11 year old who even knew what symbolism was, muchless wrote in her diary about it. It’s a little far fetched.

  2. Jo 01.Nov.01 at 1:15 pm

    Had you met my sister when she was 11, you’d probably have to change your mind.