dust covered and sweaty

it seems the cure for what ails ya when you got the curse is getting sweaty and covered in dust. i’ve been moving books and the cases that hold them this afternoon. my nose will never be the same. i am not so good on the dusting tip, you know what i’m saying?

but it feels good. last night i threw a spectacular pity party. complete with tears, swearing and proclamations. it was a wonder to behold. unfortunately, your invitation got lost in the mail.

in other news, i think i will go buy some clothes this week. i’ve finally come to grips with the fact that i have lost enough (though not a lot) weight to where i need to buy new pants. the whole slippery underpants/too big jeans thing is bound to place me in a very embarrassing situation soon. i am going to avert tragedy.

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  1. paige 14.Oct.01 at 6:43 pm

    *sigh* your comments don’t like me. anyway, congratulations on your saggy britches, jodi!! *hug*