umm, yeah so maybe i need a new hobby

just so ya know, i got up at 8 this morning. it pissed me off, because i was up until 3:30 reading white teeth (which you would know all about if you went and looked at bittersweetheart). so now it’s not even 7 at night and i feel like i’ve been plenty enough productive for one day. but it’s only 7! whatever am i going to do with the night?

if i didn’t have to buy a car on monday i could go find some fun trouble to get into. but alas, i have to save all the pennies. i am not very good at being broke anymore. it’s been quite a long time since i’ve experienced it. i got out of practice. so really, i cannot wait until this whole car buying debacle is over. because come october, when i got my budget all figured out, i am gonna buy so much stuff.

yes, i am a greedy american capitalist pig consumer. and you know what? i don’t care, because i really, really want a new couch.

ok, i am going to go read a book and stop bugging you.

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