the poison years

it seems the quickest way to get the poison out of your veins is to get your ass off the couch and get sweaty. it’s worked like a charm and i feel much better now.

since i managed to get off the couch AND put on pants AND go to the grocery store AND cook dinner, today will qualify as a perfectly productive day.

i’m craving carbohydrates today– pasta and bread. it must be a drinking thing. whenever i’ve gone on a bender i always want bread and/or pasta the next day. this might be compounded by the fact that i haven’t been eating so much bread or pasta since the advent of the lifestyle-change.

see, sister #2 doesn’t like to call it a diet and we have to listen to her because she lost 35 pounds and looks damn sexxy. sister #3 likes to say it oh-so-sarcastically “how’s the lifestyle change going?” but i think she’s just bitter because she’s pregnant and can’t jump on the bandwagon. she, whose always been the skinny one (i don’t think she weighed in at 100 pounds until her freshman year in college), is most envious because i am losing, sister #2 has lost and she is ever growing.

but she’s pregnant and well, that’s what you’re supposed to do. sister #3 is about the cutest pregnant lady you ever did see. sometimes i want to poke her in the eye for being so cute. of course, she hates being the cute one. probably because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be the not-cute one.

the point i intended to make was about cooking. how i like to cook, but it sorta stinks. by the time i am done cooking, when the meal is ready, i am no longer hungry. i am not sure why that is at all, because i am not a taster or nibbler.

so in the kitchen sits some lovely chicken alfredo waiting to be devoured. i am hoping the appetite comes back soon because it smells really good.

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  1. paige 29.Jul.01 at 1:58 am

    May I have some, please?