ladies night out

happy hour turned into happy 3 hours. we are four witty, witty women. i laughed so hard my tummy hurts and my throat is scratchy. kari drank cosmopolitans and we were all sex-in-the-city like. i, of course, get to be carrie. and because i know you love this, i’ll share with you some of our best lines:

“am i laughing? i laugh all the fucking time, this is not funny, i am not laughing,” which was met with tears and howls from the other three.
“i cry at the news, the newspaper, sitting at home alone. . . i can cry right now if you want me to.”
“she showed me her impotent porn!”
“and you didn’t tell us?”
“i wrote it down to tell you, but i forgot!”
“if i see one more e-mail about dilly bars, i will kill someone or myself.”

i have forgotten the rest. i should have written this immediately upon my return home, but i didn’t. i had to get in some quality sex in the city viewing. i am midway through tape three. again, i am surprised how many of these i’ve already seen. i must have still had hbo and roommates during the second season.

also, during these viewings i have discovered that i have never seen, up close and personal, an uncircumcised penis. i lead such a sheltered life.

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  1. jeffy 07.Jun.01 at 11:06 pm

    //i had to get in some quality sex //

    Lack of capitalization can lead to confusion. I got all excited for a second, and then I got to the end of the sentence.


  2. jodi 07.Jun.01 at 11:33 pm

    i *do* need to get in some quality sex. but the only sex i am having involved me and a motorized piece of plastic.

  3. Tyson 08.Jun.01 at 1:24 am

    I haven’t seen one either. Life is such a bitch.


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