the sticker club

lunch with paige and andrea was utterly delightful. paige is goergous. if she wasn’t so friendly, i’d probably have to hate her. that’s what schlumpy girls like me do, we hate the pretty ones because we are so damn jealous.

then of course there is andrea. she strikes me as one of those women who is perfectly comfortable in their own skin. she seems so very at home with herself.

then there was schlumpy (i’ve decided that word describes me perfectly) me.

it was such great fun, i wish all you darling ones could have come along. after the initial awkwardness wore off, we just chatted and chatted and chatted. since i am a no-life loser, i would have spent the whole night chatting with them in that booth.

by far my favorite topic of conversation was the sticker club:

“yeah, i started a sticker club,” andrea said. “i started the club and named myself president. i’d take the other kids books and look at the stickers to see if they could be in the club. if the sticker’s weren’t good enough, i wouldn’t let them in.”
“i tried to make a sticker book,” paige said. “i wasn’t sure what they were, so i got a plain notebook and stuck the stickers to the pages. i didn’t see the thrill and threw it away.”
“i was lucky,” i said. “my mom worked at a sticker factory. we had all kinds of stickers. mostly the scratch and sniff kind.”
“ohhh, you were lucky,” paige and andrea said.
“i don’t know if you had these, but we could buy books through school,” andrea said.
“the weekly reader, or something,” i said.
“yeah, well i always bought more than i should have” andrea explained, “but they actually had these stickers that said ‘sticker club.’ there was only so many so i had to be picky about who i let into the club.”

this was all a lot more funny than i can relay. because at the point where andrea started talking about the sticker club stickers, i was in tears.

there was much talk about hideous precious moments stuff and animated gifs. there was talk about how nobody can make you cry quite like your family and about marriage. i wanted to smooch the both of them they made me feel so happy.

god, i really need some single friends.

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  1. andrea 12.May.01 at 9:14 pm

    I wanted to stay and chat all day too… you guys are the best!

    And hey, I’d smooch you, if only to make the evil munchkin jealous!

  2. paige 13.May.01 at 1:44 am

    *smooch* You are NOT schlumpy, you’re beautiful, and so is Andrea! I got lemonade up my nose.

  3. Crazy Pupster 14.May.01 at 10:22 am

    You guys are very brave!! It would take a lot more time for me to get up the courage to do what you guys did! YAAAYY YOU!


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