monday, monday

hello, itís Monday. I donít feel like working. My bosslady is still out, so I am not entirely sure how much working will be done.

In alarming news my face has broken out in all sorts of crazy little bumps. I am not sure if itís cancer. But Iíve decided that drinking gobs of orange and grapefruit juice will probably cure it. I will keep you posted on this development.

So itís Monday and I have a date all the way on Friday. I am pretty sure I will expire before that time gets here. I just want Tuesdaywednesdaythrusday to just disappear into the ether. Dates make me nervous. I am a terrible first date. I giggle because I am nervous and I never, ever shut up because I am nervous and I play with my hair and chew on my lip, all because I am nervous. Why oh why do I subject myself to this? Oh yeah, itís because I am lonely. I forgot.

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  1. Skattieboy 30.Apr.01 at 1:02 pm

    I trust you will bring along a laptop and provide the loyal readers (translation: those of us without lives) with play-by-play?

  2. jodi 30.Apr.01 at 1:29 pm

    the thought of it is most tempting. but i have a hard enough time getting second dates.