yeah, so the strange dreams

yeah, so the strange dreams continue . . .

last night i dreamt my parents lived in Target. yes, not only did they live in target but they threw a huge, huge party with motley crue playing as the entertainment. being that it was my parents’ party i decided to get hammered. yes, drooling drunk. then in my drunken state i got mad and yelled at all the losers who were at my parents’ party dressed up like KISS. obviously they didn’t realize that it was motley crue playing. i was very angry at their complete rawknroll cluelessness. but ol’ vince neil (and this was motley crue circa shout at the devil and not all fat and icky like they are now) he was most appreciative of my rants. i got to dance up on the stage with motley crue. then when they were done i had to help put all the shopping carts away. somehow all the party guests had gotten the target shopping carts all over the place. there were some minor story lines involving the people i work with and someone trying to get me to ride in a minivan. but i don’t remember them too clearly.

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  1. Vincent 19.Feb.03 at 10:02 am

    I have had similar dreams in the past where i have attended social events that my parents throw. The unusual thing is that i always meet a large slice of bread that continuously asks me if i brought the Beef. I end up having to run away from the annoying bread. The bread runs after me shouting: “have you brought the beef Vincent, have you brought it, the old beef!” I have noticed that i usually have this dream after eating cheese before i go to bed.


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