argh! i am so clumsy.

argh! i am so clumsy. so, terribly, terribly clumsy. i blame it on the fact that my brain is so far away from my feet. there is so much distance to travel sometimes messages are bound to get screwed up. for instance, i just tripped over my own feet. yes, my own feet. of course, i had to trip on my own feet in the hallway. i came crashing down, taking out whatever was on the bookcase in the hallway with me. i’ve got a cut on my cheek (i broke the lamp Jodi Hanson made me for christmas), the entire underside of my left forearm (from wrist to elbow) has already turned a purpley blue color. my right shoulder is tender from where it hit the corner of the wall. my right knee is throbbing. i hate being clumsy. and now i am gonna be late to meet kari for lunch. when i get home i have a giant mess to clean up. blech!

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