this just in from the

this just in from the rather cranky celebrity judge in st.louis:

here is my ruling. all decisions are final. void where prohibited by states really just too close to canada.

contest entry : not stellar, but erin is nice. plus she lives in iowa, and really i bet a mixtape is about the best thing she has to look forward to in that terrible land.

why i deserve to win : clearly flattery will get you no where, dude.

since this is glenn and i, do we get 74 words & tape contest : largely incoherent and therefore disqualified because the cardinals lost and i am just not in the mood to deal with artsy incoherence.

essay : while clearly on her way to a distinct and mature contest entry prose, and gaining points by default by raising the degree of difficulty and using the word ‘rawkingness,’ andrea misses out on what could have been the winning entry with the always costly misspelling of ‘rawkingness.’ not to be stood for. therefore, not a winner.

as a result, erin from iowa wins. viva la pixelbaby, down with the dolphins.

thankyou and goodnight.

-the international judging committee at

erin wins! yay! please forward all complaints on contest judging to tim.

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