hi honeys, i am home.

hi honeys, i am home. and guess what?? it’s not raining in the bathroom or hallway anymore. yay! of course, there are still bowls of stagnant, rusty brown water hanging out. but at least i don’t have to shower whenever i need to go pee.

i stopped at the video store (hollywood video, i can’t go to video update anymore because i have $52 late fee. i forgot to return “the green mile” for 13 days) on the way home from the bowling alley tonight. i bought a movie. that now brings the grand total of movies i own to: 2.

now that i’ve invested money in purchasing movies, i’ve decided i can’t buy a dvd player until i am at least 40. anyway, i bought “beautiful girls”. as much as i hate to admit it, this is my all-time favorite movie. i just love it. it’s gonna be nice to have matt dillon yumminess at my disposal, night and day. if you haven’t see this movie, you really should. it’s wonderful. if you see this movie and don’t fall head over heels in love with natalie portman, something is seriously wrong with you and you should probably seek medical attention.

the other movie i own, despite my utter contempt and general oogy feelings toward gwyneth paltrow, is “shakespeare in love.” gah! this movie just makes me dream impossible dreams. i saw this movie on a lame date with a boy who was really too full of himself for words. i remember falling in love with this movie and just wishing he’d go away, stop bothering me. he kept trying to show how much he new about ol’ willy shakes and i was not impressed. blech! he really sucked. i wonder why i went out with him in the first place. hmm, can’t remember.

interesting tidbit. under the recomendations at imdb.com “sliding doors” is suggested for both “beautiful girls” and “shakespeare in love.” hmm. . . more wretched gwyneth. . . i think i’ll pass.

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