strange things are afoot at

strange things are afoot at the circle-J

last night i dreamt that the portal to the afterlife was located in my basement. i was living in grammu’s old house on Apgar street. Dead people came to my basement to get to the afterlife. in the dream the afterlife was never specified as heaven or hell. you just had to walk into a closet and get into the elevator. the elevator was shaped like a GIANT snake’s head with red eyes. you had to get into the snake’s mouth and you were lifted into the afterlife

but that’s not the strange part. the afterlife’s snake-elevator was controled by four alien/dead/people things. they looked like people, talked like people, but they had strange things go on. like the blonde alien-boy, if he didn’t get enough sugar he’d turn into a plant. another alien-boy could morph himself into furniture. yes, the afterlife was managed through my basement on a star-treky looking control panel by aliens. they couldn’t leave my basement, but they always wanted too. one of the alien-controller people was marty crane from “frasier.” he whined the most because he wanted to go outside. but i couldn’t let them. it was my job to make sure they stayed in the basement.

i can’t decide if it was the grilled cheese (which everyone in my family pronounces girl cheese) sammich with green peppers and onions i had for dinner or reading infinite jest before bed that caused this dream.

i also dreamt that i was on the real world reunion special and i was the boring one.

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