Three Things For a Friday Night

Hi Darling Ones,

Due to poor sleep hygiene I am really very tired and thus do not have a lot to say that isn’t “I am really very tired.” However, since Sister #2, Ben & Walter are due to be here in just over 24 hours I wanted to make one last post before the invasion. I might write while they are here. I might shrivel up from over-socialization. Who knows? The world is a chaotic place.

Thing 1

I’m generally pretty bad at watching TV and frequently watch the same shows over and over again. One of the ones in constant rotation is Bob’s Burgers. This show is hilarious and if you don’t like it your funny bone is busted.

Thing 2

While watching Bob’s and eating a delicious turkey club sandwich, I watched the Thanksgiving episode where they try to rescue the pardoned turkey. This episode contains a John Irving joke that makes me snort every time.

Thing 3

While watching the episode after the turkey pardoning I noticed, while Gene was singing Heart’s “Alone” that I look exactly like Alex Papasian, Gene’s BFF. You can see that in the picture above.

That’s all I got for now,

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