Shut Up About TV Spoilers You Big Whiner

Last week, like most everyone in my Twitter feed, I watched “Downton Abbey” when it was on at 8 p.m. Central Time. It was a dramatic, emotional episode and watching it with Twitter was all kinds of fun. In fact, there’s a lot of event TV I like to watch with Twitter — elections, award-shows, and the State of the Union address.

It’s the same kind of fun I imagine people who tweet incessantly during certain Sports! events have, except the Sports!-watchers don’t have to put up with the whiners.

The whiners are the people who get their undies tied into a million knots because people are “spoiling” the TV show they can’t watch until some other time that is different than when the majority of the people in their social media networks watch it.

I get that it can be a bummer to have the dramatic reveal of a show spoiled. It’s happened to all of us. In fact, I accidentally stumbled upon a major “Downton Abbey” spoiler simply by googling the spelling of a name. I did not, however, bitch about how Google should edit all their search results as to not spoil my TV watching enjoyment.

Sadly, not everyone is as responsible as I am. In fact, a lot of people think you should still your spoilery fingers lest you ruin something for them. Yes, they think the entirety of the Internet should shut it until they can watch the TV show du jour, whatever it might be.

Last week, during the height of the whining, I tweeted this:

And lo! were there many feelings about spoilers. Many agreed, that it is the responsibility of the non-watcher to avoid spoilers, but there were just as many who were insulted at the idea. Those were the same people who were full of whine last night.

Apparently it is selfish to not think of the people who might not be able to watch the TV show when it’s on but have plans to do so at some later date. Apparently you are supposed to know these things ahead of time. Apparently it is not at all selfish to think the Internet should bow to your schedule and desires and stifle all conversation until anyone who might actually want to watch a TV show has had a chance to watch said TV show.

Bullshit. Also, Laura Palmer was killed by her dad. So suck on that, you big baby.

The onus is on you to avoid spoilers if you don’t want your TV shows spoiled. I will ‘spoiler alert’ the hell out of a movie or book, because I realize people come to those at different times, but TV? That’s fair game once the show has aired in its allotted time slot.

Is avoiding spoilers a giant pain the ass? Yes. I know because I have to avoid most of the Internet on Sunday nights when “Mad Men” is on because I know I can’t watch it until Monday. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make because I love “Mad Men” and I’m an adult with free will who can turn off Twitter and avoid Facebook if I so choose.

I wish the whiners would realize that too. It’s not against the law to turn off Twitter or Facebook for a night. In fact, maybe if you’re being a big crybaby about a TV show being ruined because of social media, you should step away for awhile.

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  1. Angela 04.Feb.13 at 10:16 pm

    YES! YES! YES!

  2. Hotrod 05.Feb.13 at 10:15 am

    *Spoiler Alert* Bates is totally getting before the end of the season. And the only interesting character at this point is Edith.

    1. Hotrod 05.Feb.13 at 10:16 am

      Shivved. Bates is getting shivved…

      1. Jodi 05.Feb.13 at 10:31 am

        SPOILER! The previews for next week already showed Bates coming home (it’s about damn time, I’m sick of the writers beating up on Bates & Edith as if nothing good can happen to them. Also, I hope Edith becomes a reporter because that would be awesome and Lord Grantham would freak).

        1. Hotrod 05.Feb.13 at 11:55 am

          Our PBS channel shows promos for something called “Whither the Midwife” after Downton rather than what’s coming up next week. But I maintain he could still get shivved. I can’t imagine Thomas, for one, will be pleased with the return of the prodigal valet.

  3. Wolfdogg 05.Feb.13 at 10:45 am

    The whiners must not understand what Twitter is. They should join some social micro-blogging group that delays all posts for a week. LastWeekBook.

    1. Jodi 05.Feb.13 at 11:05 am

      This is hilarious (and horrifying). Downton fans would just give you a withering look and some sort of cutting remark.

  4. icantseemyforehead 15.Jul.14 at 3:08 pm

    “I will ‘spoiler alert’ the hell out of a movie or book, because I realize people come to those at different times, but TV? That’s fair game once the show has aired in its allotted time slot.”

    Dude… this isn’t the 1990s anymore.
    Other than that, THIS. Been on various GoT clips on youtube recently, and the comments section there are swarming with… one could almost say REEK of those annoying butthurt plonkers more than eager to tell you how much of a monster you are if the joyful, carefree discussion you’re having with someone contains unmarked spoilers pf some sort.
    How about they just don’t look at the comment section?? Or, I dunno, learn to skip through a comment somehow to maybe catch a whiff or two of what it’s generally about?
    Either way… they know they should expect spoilers here and there on such large forums, but they go there anyway, and then proceed to whine and moan (in the most indignated, self-righteous tone possible, no less) about how douchey and immoral it is to bring up something they haven’t seen yet.

    Bunch of entitled twats, the lot of ’em.

    (And yes – the books are miles ahead of the show, so spoilers from the book readers do affect those who watch it when it’s aired. Still their fucking responsibility; I got the 6th Sense spoiled by a 50 First Dates trailer, so what? Tough fucking shit. Ended up enjoying the movie in a special way in that it had me “convinced” of its plot even though I knew the ending – fucking mewl lords should get a life.)


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