No fair

The Tibbles are at that age where they have become keenly aware of the injustices of the world. You know, things like Liam has three Super Mario pictures to color while Cade only has two. Max is having a can of Coca-Cola with lunch and Nolan only gets to have orange soda.

Yes, the great injustices of the world. The Tibbles are great spotters of these slights and announce it often (and loudly) by shouting NO FAIR! Because their small bodies have such a hard time handling such wrongfulness the words usually come out as an extended howl. NOOOOO FAAAAIIIIRRRR!

It’s maddening. Not because they are calling out injustice where ever they see it, but because the wrong they’ve been done is often easily righted if they’d just ask.

Not all injustices are so easily fixed. I know this, because I am an adult. However, that does not stop me from howling NOOOOO FAAAAIIIRR! today. Why is that? Because it’s no god damn fair that not only are my eyes droopy and sinuses tingly with allergies but there is 2-3 inches of snow heading to our fair Twin Cities.

What kind of bullshit is that? The only good thing about snow is the fact that when it’s around allergies usually aren’t.

NO FAIR indeed.

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