2010 in the books — now with pie charts!

My favorite New Year’s Day activity is wiping the reading slate clean and starting fresh. Every year since 2002 (and due to some weird WordPress glitch I’ve had to start another list) I’ve kept track of all the books I’ve read. It’s a nerdy thing that I love to do, one of those things that probably interests nobody but me.

First of all, I read 15,775 pages (at least in the books I finished, I read a lot of pages in books I didn’t finish too) in 70 different books. I’m a little amazed by that number. It seems like a ridiculous amount. I’m not one of those people who just tries to cram in as many books as I can in attempt to show that my brain is bigger than someone else’s brain. I like to retain what I read. I savor the words and the stories. If I’m not savoring the book, I stop reading it (which is why I probably read way more pages than the number show).

Those people who crank through a book or two a day make me roll my eyes. I just find it hard to believe they can retain that much information. Besides, what’s the hurry? It’s not a race. There is no winner.

I can attest that the only reason I made it to 70 books this year is because I eschewed almost all responsibility for an entire week and did nothing but binge on Fables novels — that’s 12 books right there. Then there was the Scott Pilgrim problem, another 6.

Of course, after all that preaching my goal for 2011 is to read 77 books. I only want to read 77 books so that I can claim to have read 500 books in the past ten years. This will, of course, impress nobody and possibly annoy everyone, but you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be dropping that factoid whenever I have the chance in 2012.

So here’s how my reading year broke down. Now with pie charts thanks to Daytum!

Those 70 books included Graphic Novels, Novels, Short Story Collections, and Novellas (two, oddly).

Getting hooked on Scott Pilgrim and Fables really skewed my numbers for both book form and for gender, as you can see here.

This year I hope to balance that out by reading more graphic novels my women, or not getting hooked on graphic series by men. Either solution works for me.

Incidentally, if you care, my favorite novel of 2011 was probably. . . The House of Tomorrow (though on certain days it flip flops around with Bad Marie and A Visit From the Goon Squad and the worst books I read (and finished) were Bound and Ball Peen Hammer.

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