My 2010 Christmas Wish for You, Darling Ones (a little late)

My annual letter of good tidings and comfort and joy is late this year. I would apologize but, well, there are very good reasons for this tardiness. These reasons include, but are not limited too: dealing with a leaky roof that flooded both of the upstairs bedrooms at Supergenius HQ mere days before hosting the annual Very St. Martin Christmas; having Sister #4 stay here in the leaky, drippy, flooded hovel for the holiday; watching my mom shave her head because all her hair was falling out due to chemo; and this week left me so emotionally and physically exhausted all I could do today was intermittently cry and nap.

These last three months of 2010 have kicked my ass. However, this is not an airing of grievances this is my wish for you.

Here is what I wish for you, darling ones: someone who will change out of their pajama pants for you, a life full of hilarious serendipity, periods of time that are so full of fun and activity you don’t have time to write about it, people who make you laugh so hard wine comes out your nose, and this: the inner-strength to make it through the trying times.

Also, I wish that you get to have one person in your life who will give you a gift that is so perfect in its simplicity and charm that the actual object transcends the materialism of the season and makes you feel loved beyond belief.

For me it was a purple, unicorn pillow pet. My five-year-old nephew, Liam, insisted that this is what I needed for Christmas more than anything else in the whole world. It is awesome.
It's a pillow, It's a pet

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  1. Kevin Fenton 27.Dec.10 at 8:31 am

    It’s not a belated list–in the crazy Rollingstone, MN tradition, it’s still Christmas until the wise men show up.


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