My new affectation is destroyed by crack

Field notes on plate

The latest affectation I am trying to adopt is that of avid note taker. I even bought new Field Notes notebooks just for this effort (and you can just hush it about that stack of six Moleskines in that bookcase over there. I had to buy those, they were $5 a piece. Five-dollar Moleskines! I would have been crazy to pass those up). I like taking notes. I used to do it all the time. So I’m bringing note-taking back.

I premiered my new affectation to the world on Wednesday night during the McKnight Readings at The Loft. It, of course, cracked Jags, Hypster Mom, and the Vodo right up. Some friends they are.

My plan was to take notes and write down wry observations during the reading. I was there to hear John Jodzio and J.C. Hallman who read third and fifth (more about that in a minute), but by the time the second reader took the mike I had become distracted.

See there was a woman sitting in front of us whose ass practically fell out her jeans. It was oddly mesmerizing. We could see a lot of ass, and so much crack that I wanted to throw spit balls into it. So my note taking didn’t do so well.

But what I remember of the reading was laughing a lot. It doesn’t happen at all readings, but when it does it’s awesome. I was really hoping John would read “Gravity” from his collection If You Lived Here You’d Be Home Already because it’s my favorite. The story about a man coping with his wife’s disability is, well, really fucking good (and I’ve just realized I never posted the review here, I’ll do that tomorrow). Instead he read “Monarchs” which is good too. It’s about a guy who has to babysit his dad’s butterflies. The guy is pretty funny and every time the audience laughed I mentally high-fived John, because it’s so rad when people are paying enough attention to get the joke.

J.C. Hallman (who I met at Hypster Mom’s salon a few months ago) read the title story from his collection The Hospital for Bad Poets which is the kind of story that makes booknerds bust a gut with its literary references. While he read and people laughed I felt like I was in a room with about fifty people who are sharing an inside joke.

Random Aside: In a totally unplanned, happy accident, Chris’ book The Story About the Story: Great Writers Explore Great Literature is in the background of that picture up there. I keep it next to the La-Z-Grrl and read it to cleanse my palate after graphic novels.

I did take a few notes, none of which can be shared here. They’re the kind of notes that were meant to be shared at Grumpy’s over tator tots and stories of how Vodo gets Sugar Pops stuck in The Big Ticket (his beard).

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