Probably the nicest thing I do all year that makes me want to kill people

I have survived my second Overnight Website Challenge. It is a Herculean task and you should be impressed. Be impressed damnit, I’m running on six hours of sleep after being awake for twenty-eight and a half hours in a row. It makes me sensitive.

This year’s webchallenge was about 74% better than last year’s event. I give all credit to pajama pants, co-volunteers who are fucking hilarious, and coffee. Plus, this year I went in with a game plan, no coffee until after Pizza Luce deliver second dinner which came around midnight and no pajama pants until I felt like I needed to start ripping off the arms of people who spoke to me and then beating them with the bloody stumps.

My plan totally worked. This year I didn’t even have to ban sarcasm. I consider it a personal victory.

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