The Dawson’s Dilemma rages on. I just sent this rather angry e-mail to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment:
I will send back my box set because I don’t think it’s right that I paid for something that doesn’t work. However, I have to say this is a horrible customer experience. I don’t see why if I have proof of purchase, a postage-paid return box cannot be sent with my new box set. I feel like I’m being treated as someone who cannot be trusted, and yet I’m the only one in this situation who is out money. If anyone is being scammed here, it’s me.

It seems weird to me that after already paying for the set I have to trust that not one, but two (FedEx and Sony) giant, multi-national corporations will efficiently handle a package of damaged material, and hope that I get a working boxset in return.


What kills me is that at the bottom of the Dawson’s Creek site, they fully admit that many of the early shipments were damaged:
“Some discs in the initial shipment have been reported to be damaged. If you find any damaged discs in your set, please refer to the below contact information; replacement discs will be shipped to you immediately at no cost. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.”

It doesn’t mention that immediately and no cost involves: waiting for them to send you a FedEx voucher of some sort, driving to the local FedEx drop place, waiting for the box to arrive at Sony Headquarters or some other godforsaken place where it will be processed, and then AND ONLY THEN will they ship out those replacement discs to replace the ones they already know are damaged.

It’s a known problem. It’s not like I’m some random loony who happened to get the one bad batch. I’d actually be much more understanding if that were the case. Sometimes shit happens. I get that. But the fact that they know this is a problem makes me angry.

So yeah, pleasure doing business with them.

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