This is why I try to avoid making predictions

It was the spring of 1994. I’m pretty sure it was Jan Larson’s Magazine class (I can’t remember if it was editing or writing or just magazines in general). It might have been advanced reporting. There were a dozen or so of us seated around a large wooden table and Ms. Larson was trying to get us to discuss the future of the media of journalism.

She told us how the Internet would change the way we worked, reported, and read newspapers. Someday, she said, newspapers might only exist on the Web.

“Pshaw,” I said. Yes, I was 22 and I said pshaw. “People will never give up their actual newspapers. Who’s going to drink their coffee with a computer?”

Yeah. I’ve always been a forward thinker.

In other news, The Star-Tribune has filed for bankruptcy. As much as I love to hate on it (mostly for their invasive advertising), it saddens me to see it going downhill so quickly. Poor, poor Strib.

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  1. FS 16.Jan.09 at 9:01 am

    I blame Lileks.

  2. bakiwop 16.Jan.09 at 9:05 am

    have you heard about this crazy horseless carriage thingy? how about bread that comes pre-sliced? what about getting paid for blogging all day – that’s surely something that will NEVER happen.

  3. JRC 16.Jan.09 at 1:49 pm

    I made a prediction in the mid 90’s that has come to pass. A person I was supervising asked me if our company would allow us to work from home in the future, given the advent of laptops, internet, and the like. I told her we definitely would be. We would be working 40 hours per week in the office, and then at home on Saturday and Sunday.
    I did not foresee the invention of the Blackberry, which allows us to work while waiting for a haircut.

  4. UH 16.Jan.09 at 7:29 pm

    And yet Circuit City went bankrupt and is closing all their stores too. If we don’t have any newspapers or electronics retailers then we’re really going to be screwed.

  5. j eastman 16.Jan.09 at 10:23 pm

    Well, look…for as much as I rag on my friend Todd for killing a tree everytime he buys a paper – plus, the fact that I get most of my news online nowadays, sort of saddens me. I likes me the internet, but I hate it too. I’m so conflicted…

  6. christa 17.Jan.09 at 2:08 am

    in other never-woulda-guessed it news, that the pioneer press is in a better situation. a few years ago i would have guessed they would be the ones in bigger danger.

    huh. who knew? i do like that pioneer press, though.


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