A conversation with Liam who is not quite 4

“Here, eat this marshmallow.” He plucked a tiny one from his s’more granola bar.
“No, s’mores are grody,” I said.
“S’mores are not grody.”
“Yes they are.”
“Hey,” he said, pointing to the screensaver on my work computer. “What does that say?”
“S’mores are grody.”

Sometimes it pays to be the only literate person in the house.

“I have boogers in my brain,” he said.
“Boogers in my brain and then they come past my eyeballs and then get stuck in my nose.”
“Oh really?” I asked. “Who told you that?”
“No one. I just knowed it. I am smart.”
“How did you get so smart?”
“I read books.”

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