An argument about feminisim

“Boys are just braver than girls,” Nolan said to Liam. They were at the top of the stairs attaching a Spider-man toy to the railing.
“They are not,” I shouted from the La-Z-Grrl.
“Oh yes they are,” he shouted back.
“Who was crying today because he was afraid to go in the kitchen by himself?” I asked
“I was,” he said.
“So who was braver?” I asked
“You were.” He marched down the stairs and stood next to me. “Well, boys have the bigger brains because they can figure out if the monsters are real or fake.”
“No they don’t.” I said.
“Well, boys have to beat up the vampires when they scare the girls.”
“Girls can beat up their own vampires,” I said.
He smacked his forehead as if I had just said the dumbest thing ever. “Girls kiss, they don’t beat.”

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  1. bamboozlde 22.Oct.08 at 2:27 pm

    show him an episode of “buffy the vampire slayer.”

  2. david 22.Oct.08 at 6:31 pm

    When she was about six, one of my nieces told me, “Uncle David, you think almost everything is sexist.” I replied, “That’s because almost everything is.”

  3. Placemat 22.Oct.08 at 7:21 pm

    STOP! telling that little man lies. Evil woman.


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