Probably not the Aunt Jodi they’re looking for

I was going through I Will Dare’s log files today gathering information for the next installment of Answering the Googlers’ Questions when I noticed a lot of searches for Aunt Jodi and Aunt Jodi controversy and What happened to Aunt Jodi?

Weird. I had no idea adding vampire teeth to Frankenstein was such a big deal.

Ever since the giggling Googler incident. I’ve been a little wary of searches that pop up involving my niece and nephews, so the Aunt Jodi thing really caught my eye. Of course I had to go Googling and now its two hours later and I know entirely more than anyone should about Jon & Kate plus 8 and the Aunt Jodi incident.

I got to admit I was a little disappointed that all those people weren’t looking for me. I’m a spectacular Aunt Jodi and my aunting skills are second to none. It’s not every aunt who can make puppets, play Legos, and discuss the finer points of Yo Gabba Gabba while teaching Ramones’ lyrics.

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