Eep Op Ork Ah Ah is our reason for living

Glory be to God on high, the Tibbles slept in until 9:11 a.m. this morning. This allowed me approximately 7.5 hours of uninterrupted, glorious sleep. Praise be!

Things in the house that makes awful seem like a nice place to visit have been a lot better since Sunday or Monday, or whatever day it was we had the whack-job instigated blowup. Sister #3 is really busting her ass to get her ducks in order and it’s impressive. I worry though too, because she has a long road row to hoe and this is only the beginning. I have to keep telling myself that she’s a grownup and that I can’t worry over her because it doesn’t help anything.

If things go as I plan, they will be out of Supergenius HQ next week sometime. They have to go to court Monday and I think things will be a bit more ironed out then. If all goes well I will be flying solo again on Tuesday or Wednesday.

As hellish as this has all been, I have to admit that I will miss the hell out of the Tibbles. After all this I can totally understand why people have children. As much work as they are, as naughty and frustrating as they are, kids are still a lot of fun. Seeing so much delight and joy brought about by the simplest things is awesome.
Putting stamps on envelopes? The best thing ever.
Using Crayola markers? More fantastic than we can handle.
Aunt Jodi making coffee? Totally amazing.
Watching the iTunes Visualizer while listening to the Violent Femmes’ singing “Eep Op Ork Ah Ah”? Our reason for living.

Now I have totally forgotten my point because I got distracted choreographing a routine to Eep Op. . . it includes jazz hands and belly pokes. Sorry, I’m expecting my brain to return sometime next week.

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  1. AC 14.Mar.08 at 4:24 pm

    Maybe this is no time for grammer and whatnot, but the phrase is “a long ROW to hoe.”
    Back before Al invented the Internets, people cultivated plants and those with a long row to hoe had a lot of weeds in a long row of the field/garden. Anyone that has ever walked beans knows what I am talking about.

    But using a hoe to to create a road could also be a daunting task.

  2. Jodi 14.Mar.08 at 5:38 pm

    There is always time for a grammar lesson. I think I kind of knew that it was row, I am not sure what I was thinking.

    So do you know the origin of call a spade a spade?

  3. UH 15.Mar.08 at 7:17 am

    “Maybe this is no time for grammer … “

    Or spelling.

    “So do you know the origin of call a spade a spade?”



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