Wedding plans

Wolfdogg and I were talking about our Westernerd pal Scooter’s upcoming nuptials. Well, upcoming in May. But no time like the present. I’m hoping flocks of Westernerds come from far and wide to attend and that we all have a real wingding of a time. This wingding shindig will involve lots of drinking and no driving. So we were perusing the hotels near the wedding location.

Wolfdogg: The nicollet island inn looks nice
Jodi: is that the closest?
Wolfdogg: yeah. but it only has 24 rooms total
Jodi: we are not staying at a hotel with romance as a nav option on their web site. do you want me to hang myself from the balcony?

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  1. Kelly 13.Jan.08 at 8:59 pm

    Not sure if I should bring up the fact that I live 2 miles from the Nicollet Island Inn. I would have no problem making it home by cab, woo hoo!


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