It’s so good to be back here

Dan Patch Lanes
I saw the ruins of Dan Patch Lanes for the first time this weekend. It was not easy. Even harder still is having to dive back into the bowling alley stories so soon after viewing the wreckage. Reading though a rather crappy story I wrote called “Rocket Science” gives me that tight chest, I kind of want to cry feeling.

Losing the bowling alley has been an odd experience. It’s like a death in the family but without that intense, immediate grieving. The loss hits me like when a few months after the death and you find yourself thinking about the deceased and the pain comes in swift and exact reminding you that you’ll never see them again.

I call the story crappy because it has many problems, but it’s still good enough to evoke Dan Patch Lanes for me and that’s good. I hope it does the same thing for my readers.

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  1. christa 15.Oct.07 at 2:19 pm

    i feel for you. while not familiar with this bowling alley, a few years ago a karoake bar i really liked and probably hit every other month burned down just nights after we’d had great fun there. i think about that karoake bar more often than i think about most of the people i used to go there with, who have moved away.

  2. phil 15.Oct.07 at 6:58 pm

    im tired and just kinda depressed for no was nice to read that you drank last night and are bummed out.thanks ,now i feel better.


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