You take it for granted that the ground will always be beneath your feet, that the road will meet your tires. When it doesn’t you plummet and wonder what will stop your fall.

By now the world knows that the 35W Bridge collapsed. If you’re not from around here, it’s probably hard to understand just what a transportation artery 35W is. It connects the northern metro with the southern part, cutting through Minneapolis to do that.

Upon hearing of the tragedy it seems as if everyone I know immediately talked about the last time they were on the 35W bridge. Everyone. Why? Because we all drive on it all the time without giving it a single thought.

Some of the pictures are eerily reminiscent of the pictures that came out following the tragedy of 9-11. This feels even more inexplicable, just a big bunch of random bad luck. Maybe if the weather hadn’t been so hot, or if the Twin weren’t playing, or if there was no construction, or well, maybe if any one of those things had not happened the bridge would still be standing.


As bad as today has been, you know tomorrow is going to be worse. Tomorrow there will be names and stories to the body count that will surely rise. Tomorrow there will be more stories of heroism and more tears.

Damn. Tomorrow is already here.

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