Things I have realized after spending the last day and a half totally alone in Supergenius HQ

  • I just found an m&m in my sweatshirt pocket and ate it. I have no idea how old it is. It tasted okay, so I probably won’t die
  • VH1 Classic is my new all-time favorite channel. I have donated at least some of my attention to: “Hangin’ with Hall & Oates,” “Pop-up Videos,” “Decades Rock Live with Cyndi Lauper” (this featured the guy from Train, Scott Weiland, Shaggy, the Hooters, and Ani DiFranco), “Decades Rock Live with Elvis Costello” (this is the same one that I watched the Ben Gibbard part over and over again last week, this time I watched the whole thing and Billy Joe Armstrong totally name-checked the ‘mats as an influence), the 100 Greatest Videos of the 80s, and the best part! some old school Rod Stewart concert back when he had just left The Faces and dressed like a pirate and had dark hair (I watched this twice).
  • When I spend too much time alone I think entirely more than is necessary. I am in the midst of developing a few Crackpot Theories involving sex with exs, and something else that I can’t think of right now.
  • Being alone fucks with my dreams. Last night I dreamt that Jim Walsh dressed up like old-school Batman (with the grey tights and the weird horned half-mask) and kept putting live squirrels in the sinks of everyone in my neighborhood, somehow this was my fault but I was too distracted to care, because I was having sex with some dark-haired hottie lawyer who was my boyfriend in the entryway.
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