Supergenius HQ under siege: Day 7, back from the brink of death

Okay, so I actually only saw Sister #4 for about 12 minutes so far today. She didn’t get up until right before I had to leave to get the traditional $50 Thanksgiving Cheesecake. Yes, I feel totally yuppie and completely sinful for spending so much on a cake. In my defense it will last two family events, Thanksgiving and Chromey vs. Chromey.

After that, I headed over to Sister #3’s house so Tony could finally, after nearly two years, fix the heat in Ruby. And ladies and gentlemen, we have heat! By brother-in-law is a mechanical genius. Apparently Ruby was on the very brink of death because she was running out of everything important and had a leaky water pump.

But Tony saved the day and now we have heat. It’s glorious. Or at least it will be glorious, it was a little tough to rejoice in the splendor of Ruby’s hot, hot heat when it was 60-degrees today.

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  1. UH 22.Nov.06 at 6:09 pm

    $50 will buy a year’s worth of Jell-O No-Bake Cheesecakes, which are my favorite.


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