Things that make me happy even though my stomach has staged a revolution against me

• New book day! I got the new Chuck Klosterman and Jennifer Egan books today.
• I haven’t thrown up yet, though I feel like I might.
• Good Gravy, my adorable Canuckian co-worker who keeps IMing me things like, “you know, I bet you’d really dig this band: Wilco.” Or, “Hey, you should check out the Postal Service.” So young, so cute.
• Mary Gaitskill is reading at the Barnes & Noble in Edina tomorrow and I will be there, unless I die from this stomach ailment in which case I’ll be totally pissed off.
• Because the gods love me and want me to be happy Caribou now makes granola bars (if it weren’t for the ailment that is sure to kill me, I would tell you if they were good, but for now just the idea of them makes me happy).
• My most favorite episode of Dawson’s Creek will be on sometime this week, the one where Joey & Pacey kiss for the first time (my second favorite episode was on last week, the one where Grams said “Love is sitting by a fire all night and just watching someone sleep” or something like that and then Pacey sits by the fire at watches Joey sleep on the couch)

That’s it, because I am pretty sure my stomach is going to explode or I’m going to give birth to an alien sometime before the day is over.

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  1. carolyn 28.Sep.06 at 8:59 am

    i think my favorite episode is the one where they’ve had the fight about dawson & gretchen and then joey has a test and she flubs it but then pacey talks to her teacher and gets her a retest and then she comes out and they study thoreau or emerson or whoever by the fire.

    i also love the one where they go to the party and joey gets drunk and pacey’s playing poker and then they have a long talk by the pickup when he brings her home after throwing her over his shoulder at the party.

  2. Mary 30.Sep.06 at 2:58 pm

    First of all I love the pilot and the Katie Couric bit.

    My favorite group of episodes may just be regarding Pacey and Tamara’s relationship because it is the first time viewers get the to see that Pacey should true center of the story, not Dawson, and that he is the best character with the most potential.


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