oh the canadian plague it is a harsh mistress

i thought i was over the canadian plague. i mean i was fever-free and totally coughless since about thursday. i was, ohmygod, healthy. it was glorious. it was beautiful. i nearly wept from the sheer plague-free joy.

but then i woke up this morning with the tell-tale harbinger of things that aren’t so good. i could only breathe out of the right side of my nose. i tried to ignore it and soldier on. but right now as i was dining on a powedered sugar donut hole and some diet coke with lime for breakfast maria said, “are you getting sick again?”

“what?” i asked.
“sick again,” she said. “you sound sick.
“damnit!” i wailed. “my immune system must have decided since i have TWELVE days off in a row that it should take some time off. i can’t be sick. i can’t!”

but i can’t deny it now. the scratchy throat, the stuffy nose.

WHAT THE HELL? this just so totally blows. you should feel so bad for me that you buy me a red robot keyring.

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