welcome to my world of suck, central standard time

“tracy told me that i should go online and check to see if my license is still valid, because all state might have had my license suspended,” sister #4 said.
“but you have insurance,” i said.
“i know, but i should check anyway. did you know that the fee to get your driver’s license reinstated after having it revocated for DUI is now $608?”
“no,” i said.
“what’s your driver’s license number we’ll check to see if it’s valid,” she said.
“i don’t know,” i said.
“i have mine memorized. i just think it’s so easy. i was somewhere last week and they asked for my license number and i knew it,” she said.
“mmhmm,” i said.
“did you know that they have temporarily suspended online renewal of your tabs?” she asked.
“i was just. . . ”
“well,” she started. “murphy, i don’t know why she. murphy, murphy, i’m talking to you.”
“even he wants you to shut up,” i said.

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