on the phone

“who is it?” max asked, when sister #2 called him to the phone.
“it’s your girlfriend.” sister #2 said.
“who is this?” he asked into the phone.
“it’s aunt jodi,” i said.
“oh hi aunt jodi, what do you want?”
“to wish you a happy birthday.”
“my birthday was yesterday.”
“i know. i called. where were you?”
“i was at chuck e. cheese.”
“what did you do there?”
“i got a lot of food.”
“what did you get?”
“eggs, cheerios, eggplant, bacon, cheerios.”
“at chuck e. cheese?”
“it’s fake food.”
“oh,” i said. “what else did you get?”
“i got a check from grandma K and something in the mail.”
“what did you get in the mail?”
“i don’t know it’s not here yet.”
“who sent it?”
“aunt cece [sister #3].”
“what did she send?”
“i don’t know,” he said. “you should call her and find out and then call me back.”
“she probably wants it to be a surprise,” i said.
“so are you doing anything else for your birthday.”
“i’m having a party on saturday, wanna crash it?’ he asked.
“uh, no thanks.”

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  1. UH 26.Oct.05 at 5:10 pm

    You could try crashing his party, but it’s not likely to feature beer or strippers or anything that would really be worth crashing.

    On the other hand, if it does, be sure to take pix.

  2. jodi 26.Oct.05 at 5:12 pm

    allegedly there is going to be a pinata. but i’m not that excited about it.

  3. wendy 26.Oct.05 at 6:22 pm

    please write a book full of max stories. i will read it and giggle at everyone, because he IS so cute.


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