i’ll be in my basement room with a needle and a spoon

the cold continues to ravage my weakened body. if i had the energy and if the contagious co-worker were here, i’d still find the energy to kick his ass. and hard. but alas, he has to teach school today.

also i have listened to four different versions of Dead Flowers four times in a row. perhaps it’s in honor of the Stones playing in St. Paul tonight, well yes, that’s exactly why. i just didn’t think of that as an excuse until right now.

last night i dreamt that i was at a party and someone started smashing entire bottles of Jamesons, so i had to run around and rescue all the bottles of liquor. then i ran away with them.

even though i haven’t even moved in yet, i have already begun planning the first get-together at the new supergenius headquarters. the chiliwinkers will invade the weeekend of the 24th — which is also, according to my calendar, is the weekend that the UofM plays Purdue.

oh yeah, and another thing. i watched “High Fidelity” with Sister #4 this weekend. it was her first ever time watching it. and she, the most annoying person on earth, proclaimed that i was annoying while watching it. clearly she doesn’t get into movie karaoke like i do.

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