cashing in

going to the bank this afternoon will be the most exciting thing i do today. why? how could going to the bank be exciting? well, i’m cashing in my change. this makes me giddy and a little sad. i had two banks (the superman one i got from wendy and the superman bucket i got from max) filled to the rim.

sister #2 and i both proclaimed that we were saving our money for the State Fair (which we are attending en masse tomorrow). she cashed hers in this weekend and had $187 (way more than she’ll ever need at the fair). I’m hoping i have at least $188 (because i want more). i’m going at noon to cash it in and my heart beats all giddy like whenever i talk about it. i can’t wait! it’s almost like winning the lottery or the grand prize in a slot machine or something.

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  1. JackassJimmy 29.Aug.05 at 12:05 pm

    You have to have your change rolled here when you go to the bank, otherwise they will shoot you on sight. There are those coin counting machines at the supermarket, but I’ll be damned if I am gonna give some company 10% of whatever I have….just to count my coins.

    I usually just throw on the tunes and then get to counting. Last time I had almost $700.00.

    Perty cool.


  2. Damon 29.Aug.05 at 12:36 pm

    Wow, that sucks JJ. I’ve never had to deal with a bank that needed all the change rolled…indeed, if you walk in with rolled money at any of the three banks I’ve dealt with over the years they end up breaking all the rolls open and throwing it in the change counting machine anyway.

    I love change day…although I’m disappointed that it occurs with less and less frequency as the years go by. With everyone and their mothers accepting debit cards, it is the rare day I come home with change in my pockets anymore.


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