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Kiss Lips

on my way home from minneapolis last night, i decided that my friend Damon is going to be henceforth known on iwilldare.com as ChiliD. afterall, ChiliD is responsible for the invention of a chiliwinker. which he said was an animal that was a cross between a flounder and a sheep dog or something like that. i can’t quite remember what it was, but it was funny and i totally bought it. which makes me the most gullible person on earth.

so over the holiday weekend ChiliD and his lady-love went to vegas. he informed Mel (the other Chiliwinker) and i that he was going to vegas and asked if there was anything good he should see. having never bene to vegas, i campaigned in favor of hookers and hookers and strippers and hookers. Mel had some wise advice, none of which i could remember. of course, before he actually imparted for this journey, i begged for souveniers. because, that’s what i always do. i love souveniers. the tackier and cheaper the better, and i told ChiliD this before he left.

so yesterday we gathered together at his house for writing/chiliwinker group (and i was at the wrong end of the 1-2-3 shame point for not doing my assignment). while we were there he told us about vegas and then handed out the presents! Mel got three new floaty pens to add to her rather sizeable floaty pen collection.

i got the dirty dice pictured above, because clearly i need some help getting laid and Mel (who is pregnant and thus it’s clear she knows how to have sex) doesn’t. i love them. they’re one of the best souveniers ever! ever!

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