18 times in a row or hurry up hurry up ain’t you had enough of this stuff?

there isn’t anything i can think of that i’d enjoy doing 18 times in a row. not even coming. but the one thing i do enjoy doing 18 times in a row is listening “Can’t Hardly Wait.” that’s right. i’ve got ye olde can’t hardly wait playlist spinning on Roland. in my defense they are all different versions of the fabulous song. it’s not like i’m just listening to the same version over and over and over again (i mean COME ON, this song isn’t “jeepster”).

i’m in a minor funk, trying not to slip into a major funk. can’t hardly wait 18 times in a row should help. also sleeping would help. i haven’t been doing a whole hell of a lot of that. it’s mostly stress and the fact that i cannot tell time. last night i promised myself i would be in bed by 11:30. only when i finally finished the dreadfully boring book it was 11:00 and i thought it was 10. so yeah, it wasn’t until i was curling over on my side and finding that sweet spot for my hip that i looked at the clock again and it was already 12:45.

anyway, in my efforts to avoid the major funk and the accompanying mean reds, i’ve planned a busy but not too busy social weeked and begged out of the plans i had for tonight. because i’m no superman, i cannot be social an entire three days in a row. that would make me lose my mind.

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  1. dietcokegurl 08.Jul.05 at 2:35 pm

    The funk sucks. Avoid at all costs.
    I signed up for netflix, finally…can I add you to my friends list?

  2. jodi 08.Jul.05 at 2:37 pm

    yes, you can totally add me to your friends list. do you do it by e-mail or name? because i think my e-mail there is jodi@iwilldare.com

  3. dietcokegurl 08.Jul.05 at 2:41 pm

    By email address. Thanks man 🙂