on the new header, shopping & various miscellany

first: so yeah, a new look to an old, tired site. i haven’t decided if i like the gianourmous header or not. it might be a little too ‘hey look at me’ and not enough ‘hey, here i am entertain me.’ the jury is still in deliberations.

second: i shopped my ass of yesterday with sister #4 and brother-in-law-to-be jose. it was really quite fun. i bought some new soft, soft, soft sheets that are blue. very adult-like. no spaceman spiff to be seen. which is kinda rad. i was gonna wash them last night so i could sleep on fresh new sheets last night, but. . .

various miscellany 1: i went out to dinner with my pal wolfdog, and what i thought would only a be a two hour adventure, ended in us leaving at like 12:45. it was fun. who new the old chicago in apple valley would be such a hotbed of excitement? as the resident old people in the bar, we spent a goodly amount of time watching a pretty young thing get hit on by a pretty dorky thing. they guy was working it and it was totally totally successful. then, we went on to making fun of all the girls whose underpants were hanging out of their jeans and talking about Nu Shooz. it was a good time.

various miscellany 2: it kinda breaks my heart when i read a blog that copped a line from something i wrote a few weeks ago. as a writer, sometimes i spend a lot of time on a single line. it’s sad to see someone take it.

various miscellany 3: also, last night while talking to the wolfdogg, i was trying to explain to him about the TTHM and i called him (the TTHM not wolfdogg) my dawson creekesque soulmate, which i thought was incredibly appropriate. which probably only makes sense to me.

various miscellany 4: the other night when i was in the pits of pity and the bowels of self-doubt, i got a call late at night. from the one person who could make it ok, just by saying “i was worried about you.” i’m still kind of giddy about it, but mostly because he said i shouldn’t hide my pretty eyes behind a baseball cap. though i still totally totally want a new baseball cap for my birthday which is in FIFTEEN DAYS!

and in summary, i bought a new vacuum cleaner and hope to put it to good use today by cleaning up the toxic waste dump that is supergenius headquarters here in lovely prior lake, minnesota.

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  1. Damon 22.May.05 at 2:44 pm

    I love the new header…really shows off the yummy hair!

  2. UH 22.May.05 at 5:50 pm

    OK, I like the new header image. One vote for keeping it.

  3. jodi 22.May.05 at 6:39 pm

    really? you do? awww, thank you.

  4. D' 22.May.05 at 8:21 pm

    Aye, I like it, too!


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