rebel rebel

i’m currently, right this second, listening to a portuguese version of “Rebel Rebel.” though i know what the words are in english, it’s still quite weird because this version is all slowed down and acoustic and since i can’t understand the words, it seems like a brand new song. and i kind of like it. and thus ends the daily 89.3 The Current spooj.

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  1. Kevin 28.Jan.05 at 2:27 pm

    If it’s the song I’m thinking from, it’s from The Life Aquatic soundtrack. There are a bunch of acoustic Portugese Bowie covers on it, and they’re all goooooooood.

  2. Robin 31.Jan.05 at 10:44 am

    I bought that soundtrack just for the acoustic Portugese Bowie covers. At first it was for the camp n’ cheese factor, but now they’ve grown on me. I’m particularly fond of the acoustic Portugese version of “Life on Mars?”.


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