200 pages later

instead of working on my own stories or cleaning a closet, i opted for reading. i plowed through the last 200 pages of Dan Chaon’s You Remind Me of Me. it was disappointing. a story of two half-brothers and their crazy mother. the book jumps back and forth through time, never allowing you to really get your legs under you. it’s even more disappointing for me, because i so much loved Chaon’s collection of short stories, Among the Missing.

but all is not sad in bookland.

earlier this week i read Ethan Canin’s Emperor of the Air. it was a fabulous book. i had to read his short story “We are Nighttime Travelers” for the last night of writing class. that story was so beautiful that i cried. it’s been quite some time since a story moved me so, probably Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried.” Canin’s whole book is just as stunning, and it didn’t hurt that he wrote about a character named Jodi, yes a girl named Jodi spelled correctly. that pretty much sealed my love for him.

i’m having a hard time making the transition back to the real world, after having spent all day in a dreamworld of someone else’s making.

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  1. Jodie 23.Aug.04 at 2:49 am

    Hey… waddayamean spelled correctly… :-p

  2. jodi 23.Aug.04 at 10:47 am

    everybody knows that the only way to spell jodi correctly is without the extraneous e.

  3. the other jodi 23.Aug.04 at 12:25 pm

    it’s true. unless you are a boy Jody. and then you use the Y.

    but jodie, you are canadian, right? maybe it’s a canadian spelling of jodi. that would make it ok to have the E. as long as you are canadian.


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