yet another trick

the wolves won tonight, in what those who write cheesedog sports stories would call a barn burner.

speaking of the worlves, i stunned a friend thursday night. it was sort of nice. just when i think that i have no more tricks up my sleeve, no more new things, one comes up that i forgot i had.

he asked me what i wanted to do that night.
“watch the timberwolves,” i said.

yeah. i know. i’m not an athletic supporter by any stretch of the imagination. but i do like the NBA playoffs. i’ve watched them most every year since i was 19. i could careless about the superbowl, the world series and the stanley cup playoffs– but for some reason i have a vested intrest in the NBA playoffs– even when the wolves aren’t in it.

i mean, really, what’s not to love? tall, tall sweaty men running around in shorts? c’mon, i’m only human.

of course he thought i was totally posing– about this sudden interest. but really, i’ve followed the wolves all season mostly because i’m in love with Fred Hoiberg and Wally Szczerbiak (who was injured a lot this season). and by following i mean, reading about them in the paper and listening about them on the radio (i’m still not watching tv, though i fell off the wagon in a bad way thursday night but more about that later). so yeah he thought i was a poser.

“can you even name three players besides Kevin Garnett?”
“fred hoiberg, wally szczerbiak, latrell spreewell, sam cassell,” i said.

i will never forget the look on his face. it’s so nice to now that i can still surprise people. see? i do contain multitudes.

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