set sail with cap’n crunch

i traded my captain morgan for some cap’n crunch this morning, earlier than i thought too. color me impressed. i’ve told myself if i don’t do at least the littlest bit of housekeeping today that i will have to die or something equally dramatic. so, i cleaned off my desk. it looks so much bigger when it’s clean.

now i have told myself that i have to start the laundry, before i can have a cup of coffee and do some writing. i’m not doing so well on that front. i just hate doing laundry with a passion. which just proves my theory that i need a houseboy that does laundry and dishes. any takers?

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  1. keith 02.May.04 at 12:34 pm

    Does the houseboy, the one who does the laundry, also come and go as he pleases as he does his own thing? I mean, is he a houseboy with disorganized hair and a penchant for curling and kissing and shoulderblades and all things post-coital?

    Is it that kind of houseboy?

  2. jodi 02.May.04 at 12:41 pm

    well, i would like to think so. but you know we’d have to discuss that in the interview. it’s just one of the benefits from the cafeteria plan, should the houseboy select that benefit, well sure supergenius, inc. would be obliged to oblige.