another random phone call

the TTHM has blessed the day with weird phone calls.

first there was FFJ and the screech about an ex-almost-lover who is getting married. and we all know how those sorts of things go. my heart broke for her in all the ways that hearts can break when you are so totally empathetic with a situation.

then the phone rang again.

“hey,” a male voice said.
“hi,” i said all flirty because i had decided it was darlingjason.
“what book did i ruin?” the stink, sister #2’s husband asked. because back when he was in high school and i was in college he borrowed one of my books and then left it in the back of the skatemobile and all his little skaterfriends stepped on it, ruining it. “was it fahrenheit 451?”
“no,” i said.
“IT WASN’T 1984,” sister #2 shouted in the background.
“no,” i said. “it was slaughterhouse five.
“oh, that’s right,” he said.

then he hung up.

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  1. UH 25.May.04 at 7:44 pm

    At least he knew it was something with a number in it.

  2. NBFB 26.May.04 at 1:57 pm

    And same author too, Vonnegut or whatever, right?


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