i don’t feel like being cohesive

A. sometimes i think iwilldare.com needs its very own message board, but then i think then it would be entirely more work than i’m willing to do.

B. i need a story idea, anyone got one?

C. last night i told the TTHM how my parents used to have a buddha statue and they would always hide easter eggs on it. i can’t remember the last time i heard him laugh with such abandon.

D. if you’re feeling a little draggy, i suggest a large mocha from caribou and a chocolate chip cookie. it’ll make you feel better.

E. the numbers, they were bringing me down.

F. i am leaving work early today to go grocery shopping. i’ve made a vow to start bringing my lunch to work, mostly because jess, my lunch buddy does all the time.

G. there are only 41 days, that’s right 41 DAYS until my birthday. . . you can send me orange flowers, here at work. thank you.

H. this weekend i went purse shopping and all the purses were ugly. so i bought some box things that will look good with the swanky couch, should i ever get the swanky couch.

I. the irrepressible grin, it still refuses to be repressed.

J. that’s all i got right now.

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  1. Danny 26.Apr.04 at 9:56 pm

    hey I just got a new mug from Caribou! I love that place!

  2. Thomas 27.Apr.04 at 9:32 am

    A story idea: How about a guy who feels like he’s a character in a story, just going through the motions of someone else’s design. Then one day his feelings are proven correct when he meets the author.


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